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Episode 011 - What is the number one skill to master in 2020?

Show Notes – Episode 011 – What is the number one skill to master in 2020?

Dr Ro & Harms reveal the number one skill to master which in turn will accelerate your results, in all areas of your life.

Spoiler alert! Mastering Communication and having the ability to communicate with impact in any situation will provide the greatest value to your life. Whether through business relations, negotiation, getting a promotion, speaking from stage, healthy parent child relationship, amazing relationships with your partner, expanding your network marketing business, raising money for your property business and much much more. All this is accelerated by mastering a foundational skill – Communication!

In this episode Dr Ro & Harms dive deep into communication by talking through the following questions:

  • What skills do we recommend people start to master over their lifetime?
  • Why do we consider communication to be the number one skill to master?
  • Why is Dr Ro so passionate and qualified to talk about this subject in detail?
  • Learn about Dr Ro’s Communicating With Impact training which saw the first 200 people learn his 38 components in 2018-19
  • What were Harms biggest misconceptions with communication?
  • What communication strengths and weaknesses do Harms generation have and Dr Ro’s generation?
  • Dr Ro shares a 5 step process to get you ready for any face-to-face communication you will be apart of soon eg. presentations, business meetings et…
  • Can communication be used to manipulate people? What are Dr Ro & Harms thoughts on this?

Plus more is explored in this episode! 

As a quick reference guide, here is Dr Ro’s 5 step process to prepare for any face-to-face communication:

  1. Initial contact
  2. Pre-frame (NLP)
  3. Communicate with Impact
  4. Clarify & Next step
  5. Keep promise and follow up

To expand on this, read show notes below or watch his Growth Tribes series on Communicating With Impact here >>

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For a full read of the podcast, here is a full transcript of everything Dr Ro and Harms covered in this episode of the Growth Tribes Podcast. – COMING SOON

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