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Episode 015 - Why can’t I get into the flow?

Show Notes – Episode 015 – Why can’t I get into the flow?

What is flow, what breaks it and how to get back into it? Dr Ro & Harms answer these questions to help you fight off the unlimited distractions in today’s world.

In this free flowing (see what we did there) episode your hosts answer questions to help you understand how to remain in your natural flow at a deeper level. This is not about how to be as productive as possible, there are unlimited books on that, this is instead helping you to get to this place:

Flow is when you are doing something and time just flies by, it feels effortless, you have no resistance… you feel most connected with yourself, with those around you and with what you are doing. You are aligned. You can feel at peace and at the same time you can feel enlightened or energised. Flow can happen in different areas of your life. The key is to tune into it and understand WHY you are in FLOW at that point and then emulate that in other areas. – Dr Ro

So come and listen to the following segments in this episode:

  • What does flow mean to you?
  • What areas in life does the feeling of flow occur?
  • What are some examples of when your flow can be broken?
  • What is like juggling business, creative work, events whilst having young kids?
  • How to get back into the flow?

If you have listened to the episode, here is a quick reference to the core actions you can do immediately to realise and get back into your flow?

Dr Ro’s 3 step approach:

1) Stop & notice, become a silent witness to when you are in flow. What are you doing? How are you feeling? Note this down in order to recapture that activity in the future.

2) Finding it difficult to be a silent witness? Then think back and visualise last time you were in flow, what were you doing? How did you feel? Start to journal and recapture this experience.

3) Whether you are a silent witness or looking back, try to notice what you felt, heard and saw.

Harm’s 5 completely random steps, pick and choose as you wish:

1) Understanding yourself and personality, my (Harms) personality is a creator, so I am most in flow when creating something eg. writing, filming, editing. Take a test, study yourself, what activity best allows you to experience flow?

2) Know yourself, are you introverted or extroverted, not in terms of confidence, but instead where do you get your energy from? Working alone or working collaboratively? Being alone with your thoughts or with people? 

3) Assign deep work blocks with NO DISTRACTIONS, people are starting to make money on the fact that you have no discipline. Phone covers, apps that block your usage of phone. Its easier to be disciplined than pay for distraction free time. You can take it a step further and replicate deep work blocks that people like JK Rowling and Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) did. Rowling booked herself into a hotel room to write and Matt sat on the roof with just a chair a pile of books when learning to set up his first business.

4) This is a current personal favourite of mine (Harms) where I will create a daily log of activities and at the end of the day, I will score the day out of 10. 1 being the worst day ever. 10 being, wow I wish every day was like this. This allows you to look back on the week, month, quarter and year and work out what were the best days, but more importantly what were you doing on that day that made it great.

As always enjoy this episode but more importantly if this episode has led to insights or you even felt uncomfortable, then remember you can ask us questions on Instagram, the link is further below.

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