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Episode 018 - How to deal with negative people

Show Notes – Episode 018 – How to deal with negative people

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Negative people always seem to pop up whenever you are doing something different to them. Listen to this week’s episode and take away the 3 ways negative people can impact your life and listen to Dr Ro’s 5 step process for dealing with negative people in this feature length episode.

So many of our listeners are go-getters, do-ers, business owners, startup entrepreneurs, property investors, public speakers, community leaders and generally doing something which is against the grain. We all at some point have to overcome the influence of a negative person or worse, persons. 

Dr Ro & Harms take on these negative influences by guiding you through the following questions:

  • How do negative people show up in your life?
  • Why do they behave in that way?
  • The three types of negative people that will show up?
  • Who is responsible for this negativity?
  • How their negative influence can impact you?
  • Dr Ro’s 5 step process for dealing with negative people?

PLUS a bonus rapid process for rapid decision making in the face of negative people

As a quick reference guide for those who need to know the 5 step process, here is a brief breakdown extracted straight from the episode:

  1. Thank people for their opinion and let them know that this is what THEY think which is naturally different to what you think. Let them know that you have a strong conviction towards what you are doing, although you appreciate they think differently to you would respectfully ask that they don’t allow their view to put you off or drag you down.
  2. Cut them off completely…… ONLY JOKING. Limit your time with that person or simply opt not to discuss THIS topic with them – IF AT ALL.  If on the other hand they are just negative by nature you have to consider if being around them helps you as a person. This is a tough one… loyalty etc. Think of your health, mental health, vision and family.
  3. Continue to build and strengthen your beliefs around the subject. Read and listen to personal development, watch videos in the Growth Tribes Vault or come join the private Facebook group. Master communication and learn and then learn how to articulate this around others that are negative. Your conviction will deflect many negative people. Learn to CWI your message.
  4. Hangout with GREAT people with a positive mindset. Continue to listen to the podcast, hang out in the Growth Tribes, attend a Meetup.
  5. Be grateful for all the people you meet positive and negative. Learn from their view of the world. Use good and bad experience to shape your beliefs and conviction. be fascinated not frustrated. Practice daily gratitude.

Start implementing this 5 step process now and continue to do the great things you want in life, without the constant block of negative influences. As always, enjoy this week’s episode.

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