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Episode 023 - Learn how to start a property investment business in the UK - Part 2

Show Notes – Episode 023 – Learn how to start a property investment business in the UK – Part 2

Listen to part 1 of this episode here.

Start to understand the world of property investing and discover if you want to build a property business in this wealth creation focused episode. Dr Ro has been investing and educating in the area of property investing and building a property business for over 2 decades. Harms has been busy building his property business for over 5 years now. With that in mind, Dr Ro & Harms give you a property investing 101 from two different stages of an investment journey.

The benefits of building a property business (yes it still works even in 2020) include:

Long term security through monthly income

Long term equity builds over time for your family

Short term cash opportunities through lucrative strategies

Bricks and mortar based business

The ability to use leverage to build your business quickly

Transitioning from a career you don’t enjoy and add a new income stream into your life

Plus so much more

In PART 2 Dr Ro & Harms share the final 7 fundamental components to be aware of when starting a property business:

  1. The important of creation a VISION
  2. Getting the right EDUCATION & implementing the right STRATEGY for you, 8 unique strategies are covered in this episode
  3. Understanding your CREDIT STATUS and learn foundational knowledge about MORTGAGES
  4. Researching MARKET the right way ensuring you avoid the media noise
  5. Identify how the professional’s SOURCE (find) the deals most post miss
  6. Once you have identified a market and the type of property its time to ANALYSE the investment and let the numbers drive decisions
  7. If you have wondered how professionals grow their portfolio so quickly, hint, it’s through the skill of RAISING CAPITAL
  8. To successfully complete on your investment, ensure it performs and make sure you are not creating yourself a new job is to ensure you have an OPERATIONAL DREAM TEAM in place.
  9. Often overlooked early on is a BUSINESS PLAN & correct STRUCTURE
  10. Finally, time to get those deals through a VIEWING & OFFER process

‘But I thought property investing was easy?’ – said everyone before they set off to build an investment portfolio and a profitable property business. By the end of this episode, you’ll begin to discover that property businesses are like any other business and require education, specialisation and ongoing support. 

This may be a future step for you, but first, get started with these action points:

  1. Consider how much time you have to commit to building an investment portfolio. I guess what we are saying here is do you want to be a hands-on property business builder or a hands-off property investor. Either is fine, but it will depend on you.
  2. What is your primary objective is it lump sums of cash or passive income through monthly rental? (Or maybe a bit of both?)
  3. Time to turn a dream into a vision. So start to discuss and capture on paper how you want the future to look and how having a portfolio would help achieve that.
  4. For the younger generation, how much do you love your day job? Can you happily do that for the next 30-40 years? Would you be prepared to commit time alongside your day job to build a property business?

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