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Episode 024 - Life planning, estate planning & drafting your will

Show Notes – Episode 024 – Life planning, estate planning & drafting your will

This subject has been coming up a lot more in conversations recently, maybe due to the heightened awareness around the situation of COVID-19, and that is the subject of estate planning and wills.

Now is a difficult time and the default is often to act as if no matter what happens everything will be ok and exactly how we planned, but to help start the conversation on the realities of our current situation and what can you do pro-actively in order to better prepare for the worst-case scenarios. We have a special guest in who will help Dr Ro & Harms with what can often be described as a difficult conversation. Which is the subject of, estate planning, preparing for death, dealing with life events and more.

On that note let’s introduce our special guest

Anton Lane

Anton Lane is a chartered tax adviser with over two decades handling contentious tax disclosure, cases of suspected serious fraud and advising high net worth families and property professionals. Whilst Anton is predominantly a professional adviser he has extensive first-hand experience in UK property investment, development as well as investing overseas. Anton has also sat on the board of many listed international property funds. He has also sat on the board of a UK listed company and provides non-executive director support to a handful of promising businesses.

Anton’s career began at Ernst and Young where he qualified and specialised in defending clients under a tax investigation.  He has held senior positions with offshore fiduciary service providers and has built up considerable expertise on offshore structures, non-domiciles and international taxes. Anton began lecturing on property tax planning, asset protection and estate planning in 2004. He continues to present to property investors as well as a lecture to the profession. Anton regularly contributes to Taxation, Tax Journal, the annotated finance act and is the author of four tax digests and CCH’s Practical Enquiry Manual. 

Anton now heads up his own practice of specialist advisers helping practitioners and clients with tax consultancy and investigations. 

On this episode Anton answers the following questions in detail:

  • What is estate planning?
  • Some may be confused between term estate planning and a WILL are they the same?
  • It’s a difficult subject to discuss how can younger people tackle this with their parents?
  • Why is estate planning important?
  • When is estate planning important?
  • How should someone of my generation and age group approach this subject? Estate planning, wealth structures, dealing with life events – it’s not something we often talk about or even have in our awareness.
  • What can a typical property investor do?
  • What can a typical business owner do?
  • How quickly can a will be set up

We hope you will find great value in the wisdom from this episode, whether it is relevant now or into the future, 

Where can you find Anton Lane?

The best place to capture his details and get in contact with him is through his company Edge-Tax.

As promised here are links to the special resources Anton has made available to 

The Growth Tribes Podcast listeners:

To get the latest newsletter on IHT/Estate planning during COVID19 lockdown email:  info@edge-tax.com

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Determining the right estate planning solutions

Is personalised estate planning right for you

How to set up your own charity

What are controlled lifetime gifts

Understand vulnerable trusts

IHT liability, gift giving and exempt transfers

The importance of a will

A fresh look at estate planning

Business portfolio relief

Estate planning

Property portfolio and incorporation

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