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Episode 025 - Starting an online business, misconceptions, automating it for success and more

Show Notes – Episode 025 – Starting an online business, misconceptions, automating it for success and more

In the current climate, at time of recording people are being forced to work from home, there are job losses, reliable industries and household names are struggling to stay afloat and these companies employe 100,000’s of workers. 

Which really boils down to one thing, we are all facing change. Now if I narrow this down to focus on change within our career, job, the way we do business going forward – this all impacts one thing. Our income. And the big question in peoples minds is ‘what else can I do and how can I create security, whilst at home and also whilst creating a new source of income’.

And to help answer that question we have a special guest with us on this episode to talk to you about the number one strategy to adopt whilst you make this change.

And that is Kyle Balmer here to talk to us about Online Business. Which for many is a mystical subject, one they really want to learn about but have no idea where to start? And there is a lot of rubbish out there on the internet making promises, exaggerated claims to riches and we wanted to bring someone onto the podcast who we trust and who has a very pragmatic, level and structured approach to this, so let’s introduce our guest.

Kyle Balmer

(In his own words) My biggest triumph: I’ve never really had a job and I’m pretty much unemployable…

Let’s step back a moment! I’ve always been a bit rubbish working in structured environments and being told what to do. Some of you are probably nodding profusely already. Because of this, I’ve always had my own hustles and side businesses – in fact, I almost got arrested for one of these ventures at the tender age of 11. 

I’ve had some successes and failures in the world of business. I even have an MBA from a top-10 American business school – a lot of good that’s done me! More recently I’ve moved my businesses online, teaching myself digital marketing and launching my first “proper” online business a few years back. This was a revelation – I could build businesses the way I wanted to, creating the lifestyle I desired all whilst providing massive value to the world. Pretty cool, even if I did pretty much stumble into it by accident!

Armed with this knowledge I set off to help other people set up their own online businesses, hopefully avoiding the mistakes I’ve made over the years! Whether it’s working directly with clients, delivering workshops, writing guides and books or recording video courses I love helping people get to grips with the world of online business and digital marketing.

In this episode Kyle helps us answer the following questions:

  • What is an online business?
  • What are the common misconceptions that people typically have with an online business?
  • Busting myths and talking to people about this subject is something we both do on the BBO.SHOW, but could you expand on the BBO.SHOW, what is it? And why did you start it?
  • What are the benefits of an online business?
  • If someone is wanting to explore starting an online business what advice can you give them from having started a truckload yourself?
  • Bearing in mind the current climate, and as you have explained an online business is a business, so it’s not an overnight cash-generating machine. So do you have any suggestions for people who maybe need to generate some cash quick and really leaving the house is not an option? – See FREE gift below
  • Are there any actions you would suggest someone takes who is interested in starting an online business? 

We hope this episode demystifies the complex subject of online business in a pragmatic way..

Here is how you can find out more about Kyle Balmer, his online business who (BBO.SHOW) and his FREE gift to all Growth Tribes listeners:

Chat to Kyle in his FREE Online Business #SLACK group >>

Watch the BBO.SHOW via his website >>

Or watch it LIVE on YouTube >>

A gift to listeners:

Mega List, 300+ different ways to make money online – The PUBLIC list for quick access: https://bit.ly/2W4AigR

Purchase the guide with our personal notes for each category within the MEGA LIST here: https://bbo.show/book

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For a full read of the podcast, here is a full transcript of everything Dr Ro and Harms covered in this episode of the Growth Tribes Podcast. – COMING SOON

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